XL Ministries Internships

At Grace we believe that the local church is the primary institution for the development and training of pastors/elders and missionaries. Although we gratefully acknowledge the need for solid seminaries to provide, in most cases, necessary additional training, we are committed to providing a means by which the men of Grace can be trained for full time vocational ministry.  To this end we provide a two year internship which exposes men to ministry in the local church, trains them in theology, preaching, missions, etc.; and requires monthly memorization, reading, and written assignments.

Additionally, our pastors provide weekly personal discipleship and evaluation which includes accountability for spiritual disciplines and time management, personal insight into the difficulties of pastoral ministry, and ongoing encouragement to love the body of Christ when things are hard!

This internship is available and effective for men before seminary or after seminary and we adapt it to fit the needs of each intern.

You can find out more about XL Ministries at:  www.xlministries.org

Below is a prospective two year schedule for an XL Internship.


XL Ministries, Inc. Internship Program Schedule and Check-Off:  Year 1

XL Ministries, Inc. Internship Program Schedule and Check-Off:  Year 2

Additional Requirements:When Possible:
  • Plan and lead a family camp
  • Plan and run a VBS
  • Plan and lead a men’s retreat
  • Teach all age groups of children/youth (3-5, 6-9, 10-13, 14-18, college
  • Preach from the pulpit at least three times
  • Teach one topical series (at least 3 lessons)
  • Teach a complete book of the Bible
  • Teach a series in a small group setting
  • Regularly visit the elderly/sick
  • Regularly visit prospective new members
  • Regularly attend elder’s meetings
  • Disciple one person for at least six months
  • Identify and evaluate three different children’s ministry curriculums
  • Identify and evaluate three different adult ministry curriculums
  • Identify/evaluate resources for men’s and women’s discipleship.Prepare program outline
  • Outline of a six week new members class
  • Attend annual  XL Conference: _____   _____
  • Conduct or assist in a wedding
  • Conduct or assist in a funeral
  • Take part in premarital counseling
  • Participate in 15 hours of supervised counseling
  • Conduct a baptism
  • Lead the Lord’s Supper

Accumulate resources during your time of training.  When you have completed your internship, you should have collected information to accomplish the following:  a series for premarital counseling (a minimum of 6 weeks), resources to offer the following classes:  parenting class, marriage class, financial class, evangelism class, discipleship class, baptism class, fundamentals of the faith class.  You are also required to purchase approximately $1,000.00 worth of study resources.  This should be based on your current library and should be focused primarily on resource books.  See the attached book list for recommended resources in each area of study.

*Position Papers – two pages with outline of stance taken and supporting verses
*BE Workbook – Biblical Eldership Study Guide