God has called the church to be salt and light in a dark and dying world (Matt 5:14-16). To accomplish this command we seek to engage in the work of missions by directly evangelizing and serving our community, nation, and the world (Matt 28:19-20), and by supporting other organizations and missionaries that accomplish work which is beyond our ability to personally undertake (Col 4:2-3, 2 Cor 9:10-11).


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Community Outreach

We are committed to reaching our community for Christ and desire to be an integral part of God’s work in the Blount County area.  Additionally, we support or are engaged in a variety of local ministries which proclaim the gospel as they minister to the practical needs of people.  Please click here to see more information regarding these ministries.

Church Planting

At Grace we are committed to planting other churches in the surrounding communities as a means of providing an opportunity for as many as possible to experience life in a body of Christ that is committed to the preaching and teaching of God’s Word, elder leadership, believing membership, church discipline, the ordinances of baptism and communion, bold evangelism, the pursuit of holiness, and the passionate exaltation of Christ in all things.  We believe that a solid, biblical local church is the most effective means of reaching any community for Jesus Christ.

Learn more about our Knoxville Church Plant – Crossway Bible Church.

Missions trips

Missions trips are an excellent way to expose our members to the work of God around the world, and to support and encourage the missionaries sponsored by our church. We seek to rotate our trips by sending teams to our local area, to needy areas within the USA, and to overseas destinations (almost exclusively with missionaries or missions organizations that we support). In the past years we have conducted trips to Texas (Wycliffe Bible Translators), China, Nigeria, Haiti, Egypt, and Argentina.  


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We are committed to the work of sending and supporting missionaries and support multiple workers in various countries throughout the world. Please click here to see a list of our missionaries and their ministries.

Missions Training

We believe the local church is to be the primary sending agency for missionaries and to be active in the oversight and encouragement of those they support on the field.  To this end we desire to train individuals and couples in the work of missions and to send them out from Grace.  We currently offer a two year missions internship which involves in-depth Bible training, short term missions exposure, regular ministry to the body at Grace and in the community, and personal discipleship with the pastoral staff.  For those who complete this two year program it is our desire to become their primary sending church and to partner with them as an extension of Grace Community Church while they are on the field.