Tyler van der Hoeven - November 20, 2022

Youth Sunday School Class - Christ is Sovereign in Salvation, Not Moses

Youth Sunday School Class

Circumcision was so simple, just a bodily mark made at single point in time and then done. Why not just shrug, fine whatever and move on? Because there’s something far more subtle – poisonous – than circumcision at play here. This is a question of the authority over salvation and for Paul and Barnabas this is hill they will die on even when stood against their own fellow believers. Who guards salvation? Who chooses what the bars and doors are to the paradise within? Is it Moses and the law or is it Christ and his apostles? Keywords: Salvation, church, history, evangelism, Jerusalem council, circumcision

Scripture References: Acts 15:1-12

From Series: "Youth Sunday School Class"

Christ is Sovereign in Salvation not Moses

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