Mark Dew - February 25, 2024

Grace Evangelism SS Class - Lesson 1B - Foundations of Biblical Evangelism - Message and Method

This is part 2 of lesson 1. Last week we discussed the Mission and the Motivation. This week we followed up with the Message and the Method. This is all a part of the Foundations of Biblical Evangelism, before we get into the practical application of evangelism. The Mission, that God might get glory in everything, including evangelism. The Motivation is that God loved us first and He is worthy of our love. That love is manifested in obedience to go into all the world and make disciples, and to teach them all things that God has commanded us to observe (Mt 28:18-20). And Part 2 follows up with the Message and the Method. The Message, that is a God centered gospel presentation, which emphasizes God's glory and man's sinfulness. And finally we discussed Method. We do not emphasize a particular method, but rather we witness with a transformed lifestyle and a biblical presentation. We have latitude in the method, but not in the message.

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