Men’s Ministries

Men are called by God to be the spiritual leaders in their homes, to love their wives, and to provide the primary leadership within the church. This high calling requires men to be passionately committed to God’s Word (2 Tim 2:15), to God’s church (1 Peter 5:1-3), to their families (1 Tim 3:4-5), and to honoring God in their career (Col 3:23,24).

To this end we seek to provide opportunities for men to have weekly encouragement in practical Christian living as well as in-depth study of Bible doctrine and spiritual leadership. Additionally we seek to help men cultivate their gifts by serving the church in a variety of practical ways.

Shepherd’s Institute

The Shepherd Institute exists to equip servant leaders within the church with the necessary biblical, theological, and practical skills to teach and lead their families with excellence as well as direct various ministries within the church.  The institute is also designed to be a first step in training men who are desirous of being qualified for eldership.

XL Ministries Internships

At Grace we believe that the local church is the primary institution for the development and training of pastors/elders and missionaries.  Although we gratefully acknowledge the need for solid seminaries to provide, in most cases, necessary additional training, we are committed to providing a means by which the men of Grace can be trained for full time vocational ministry.  To this end we provide a two year internship which exposes men to ministry in the local church, trains them in theology, preaching, missions, etc.; and requires monthly memorization, reading, and written assignments.