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What We Believe

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The most important thing about a church is not the facilities, the programs, the numbers, or the vision. The greatest imperative of any church is the theological principles that lay the foundation for every facet of church life and ministry. A church must have properly understood, firmly held, doctrinal convictions, or it will be swept away into error and cultural conformity.

Statement of Faith
Our statement of faith outlines the basic Biblical doctrines we hold to. We ask every member of our church to affirm their agreement with these scriptural mandates. We believe these principles to be the essential foundation on which a solid, God-honoring, church is built.

Distinctives of Grace
The distinctives of Grace are those things we teach at Grace that are not explicit in the statement of faith. These include positions on Scriptural issues over which good and godly men may disagree, but we feel are important and Biblically clear enough to be affirmed by anyone who teaches at GCC.

Affirmation of Faith
Our affirmation of faith seeks to distill the essential elements of the statement of faith into a commitment that can be affirmed by every person who becomes a member of our church.

Our Covenant
The church covenant is a commitment that each member makes to one another as to how they will conduct their relationships in the body of Christ. We believe that it is vital for our members to understand and be absolutely committed to the ‘one another’ commands in Scripture. Without this commitment a church body cannot grow properly.