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Frequently Asked Questions

Please be sure to read our statement of faith and objectives as you gain information about our church. However, you may have more specific questions arising from this information. The FAQ’s may provide answers to many of these important inquiries.

  1. Women as ministers
    We believe that God’s Word teaches that women have many vital functions in the local church (overseeing women’s ministries, serving the body, bringing up children, teaching women and children, etc.), but are not to be official ministers (i.e. pastor, elder, deacon) within it. This is based on teaching found in 1 Timothy 2:9-15, 1 Timothy 3:1-13, Titus 1:5-9, and 1 Corinthians 14:34-35.
  2. Elders, deacons
    We believe that the church is to be led by a plurality of elders whom the Lord has raised up. The function of elders is to lead, oversee, teach, and shepherd the flock of God under the authority of the Lord Jesus This leadership must come with input and accountability from the congregation. Deacons are also raised up by the Lord to assist the elders in caring for the body of Christ. As mentioned above, the offices of elder and deacon are reserved for men. The central passages that teach this are: Acts 6:1-6, Titus 1:5-9, 1 Timothy 3:1-12, Hebrews 13:7,17, and 1 Peter 5:1-5
  3. Church attire
    We do not believe that the Bible specifies any particular style of clothing to wear to church. According to 1 Peter 3:3-4 and 1 Timothy 2:9-10, however, women (and by implication, men) are to dress in a modest way. It is not our intent to promote a “casual” atmosphere by refusing to specify a particular code of dress. The worship of the Holy God is not something to be taken lightly and it is left to the conscience of each member of the congregation to wear that which will enable them to worship in a joyful fear of the Lord (which includes love, awe, reverence, and humility).
  4. Divorce and remarriage
    We believe that God hates divorce (Mal 2:16), that marriage is to be held in honor among all, and that the marriage bed is to be undefiled (Heb 13:4). We also believe that our Lord gave two provisions for divorce (Adultery – Matt 5:31-32, Matt 19:3-12; Abandonment by an unbelieving spouse – 1 Cor 7:13-16) and that remarriage (in the Lord) of the innocent party is within the will of God in these cases. Remarriage is also within God’s will for one whose spouse has died (Romans 7:1-3). Additionally, we believe that those who were divorced/remarried before conversion are new creations in Christ (2 Cor 5:16,17) and are free to remarry in the Lord or hold church office (elder, deacon).
  5. Music
    We believe that music is to be used in worship of our God and that God’s Word presents both singing and instruments in a favorable light (Psalms, Col 3:15, Eph 5:18-19, James 5:13). Music is a tool to express worship, and as such the lyrics of each song must present the truth of God’s Word with absolute adherence to Biblical doctrine and principles. However, we do not believe that the Bible provides specific guidelines as to the style of the music. Therefore we seek to use the giftedness that the Lord has provided in our congregation to play and sing with the purpose of bringing glory to God. We believe that those who lead music are to worship as they play and sing and in this way they are “lead worshippers” in our singing time (1 Cor 10:31). We do not hold to the what is sometimes called the “regulatory principle” of worship as we do not see it specified in Scripture.