The distinctives of Grace are those things we teach at Grace that are not explicit in the statement of faith. These include positions on Scriptural issues over which good and godly men may disagree, but we feel are important and Biblically clear enough to be affirmed by anyone who teaches at GCC. The Statement of Faith of Grace Community Church contains the foundational biblical tenets to which every member of the church must agree (or be favorable towards).  There are, however, other areas of doctrine and practice on which the elders have reached a general position through prayer and consultation of the Word.  We have chosen to call these positions the distinctives of Grace Community Church.  These distinctives are used by the elders, and others attending GCC, to provide assistance and boundaries in making decisions on church business, church practice, and church teaching.

Biblical Accommodation

While it is our sincere belief that the distinctives we have drawn from Scripture are the proper understanding of Biblical truth, we recognize that good and godly men disagree on some of these important issues. Therefore in several areas we have chosen to allow for the differing understanding of some believers in order to encourage our fellowship and participation with them in worship. This accommodation does not at any time extend to the fundamentals of the Scripture such as are contained in the Articles of Faith.

The Lord’s Supper
We hold that partaking of the Lord’s Supper is an essential act of obedience and worship that carries with it all the blessings associated with glorifying Christ through faithful adherence to His commands.

Baptism is a symbolic act of obedience and worship that carries with it all the benefits of loving obedience to Christ’s commands. Baptism is in no way necessary for spiritual regeneration but is a public proclamation of it.

While there are good and godly men on both sides of the millennial issues, we believe a pre-millennial viewpoint allows for the most consistently literal interpretation of both Old and New Testaments.

Elder Qualifications


The Holy Spirit

Sunday Worship
We do not consider Sunday to be the “Christian Sabbath” to which some form of OT or NT regulations apply. However we do believe that the designation of a day for us to commit together to worship as a congregation corresponds to Biblical pattern and is a vital part of church life.

Marriage Statement
In keeping with our commitment to the veracity of the Scriptures and their application to all areas of faith and practice, we affirm the following:

Elder’s Statement on Physical and Emotional Abuse in Relation to Divorce and Remarriage 

The Bible speaks often of protecting and guarding the afflicted and the needy from those who abuse and harm them.  The Scriptures also speak of the injustice of refusing to stand up for the rights of the oppressed.